Southern Construction not only does new construction roofing, roof repairs, and complete roof replacements - we also provide roof overlay services. If your roof is showing signs of wear, there's more than one way to revitalize it. If you’re on a budget and your old roof is still in good shape, a roof overlay might make more sense for you. We can provide you with a free estimate, laying out the cost for complete replacement vs. overlay. 


  • Lower Cost: The labor involved in installing new shingles over the old ones is much less than a complete tear-off and replacement. There won't be the need for the roofer to utilize a dumpster and deal with debris disposal regulations. If you’re planning on completely replacing your roof within the next 5-10 years, an overlay is a practical way to enjoy the look of a new roof in the meantime.

  • Less Risk: There’s no risk of a sudden storm interfering with the dry-in process, among other concerns.


  • Can't See Potential Damage: For an overlay to be as reliable as a tear-off, your existing roof would have to be in near-optimal condition. The problem is that without removing the shingles, your roofer can’t properly examine the roof to find out what condition it’s in.

  • The extra layer of shingles will add to the cost of your next roof replacement.

  • Added Weight: An overlay will definitely add more weight to your roof. If your rafters and joists are not rated for added weight, this could result in a major problem.

NOTE: We do not recommend putting an architectural shingle over the top of an existing architectural shingle. 

Give us a call today and let us determine if you need a repair, overlay, or perhaps a completely new roof.

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